Divorce and Family Law

At the Lam Law Corporation, APC, our family law department is devoted exclusively to family law issues. The Lam Law Corporation, APC recognizes that family law related issues are highly emotional times for you and your family. This causes stress and makes the process difficult on a human level. Understanding the sensitive nature of these issues, the Lam Law Corporation, APC offers our legal expertise in this area to help navigate you through this difficult process. Understanding the human need to sort out the difficult emotions of this process, the Lam Law Corporation, APC offers our years of expertise at assisting clients understand the divorce and custody process and how it relates to their family, today and in the future. Our commitment to the human being going through a divorce is exemplified by our lawyers who pride themselves by being more than just an attorney at law but also counselors at law.  

Marital Property Division:
At the termination of a marriage the parties must divide the marital property acquired during that marriage. In California, most property acquired after the marriage is considered community property, which is evenly divided during a divorce. Property obtained prior to a marriage is considered separate property. These concepts, while seemingly simple, can often be subject to interpretation and require an attorney who is familiar with the legal intricacies to ensure your property is fairly divided. Complicated assets, tracing issues as the source of funds used to acquire the assets, business interests, professional practices, retirement plan benefits and personal investments are all issues that can arise making the process more difficult. Our firm has years of experience handling extensive and complicated marital property divisions. In addition, we have close relationships with the finest experts in various fields who aid in the valuation process that becomes the focus of many complex property divisions.

Spousal Support: For couples facing divorce, the amount of spousal support or alimony they will receive or will need to provide is a top concern. In California, spousal support is calculated based on income, employment and other factors. To navigate within the legal guidelines, ambiguities, special circumstances, and individual concerns, people require the expertise of an experienced spousal support attorney. At the Lam Law Corporation, APC, our spousal support lawyers are available to advise you on your options and help negotiate a fair resolution for your family.

Child Custody/Visitation:
Child custody is probably the most emotional and important issue for parents facing divorce. In California, a child's living arrangements are based on what is best for that child. Determining the child's "best interest" is at the heart of custody litigation. The Lam Law Corporation, APC provides aggressive representation in court to present our clients favorably and protect the children from being drawn into acrimony that surrounds most divorce cases. At the Lam Law Corporation, APC, our child custody lawyers are extremely knowledgeable on California family laws regarding parenting and custody. We understand that child custody cases are often highly emotional and we specialize in providing strong but sensitive representation to help families quickly reach resolution in these difficult matters. 

Child Support:
Child support is the amount of money the court orders one parent to pay the other parent every month to support the child or children. California has a formula (called a "guideline") for figuring out how much child support should be paid in all cases. California child support guidelines are based on numerous factors, including the amount of time each parent spends caring for the child, each parent’s income, the needs of the child and other issues. While the guidelines are precise, there are many factors that can affect the ultimate amount of support. At the Lam Law Corporation, our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in the numerous factors and nuances taken into account in by the Court in awarding child support and offer our expertise in ensuring that the child support amount set is appropriate for your situation. 

In addition to handling divorce and family law related issues, the Lam Law Corporation, APC also offers mediation for parties who need help resolving family law matters, including dissolution of a marriage, child custody, child support, spousal support and property issues. Family law mediation is an alternative to a judge deciding your family law issues. Instead of going to court, the parties meet with a neutral mediator whose job is to help them reach an agreement. Typically, this results in a resolution that is faster, less expensive and less acrimonious for everyone involved.

At the Lam Law Corporation, APC, we offer family law mediation for parties with or without lawyers. We can also represent the interests of clients involved in family law mediation or review an agreement made at mediation with an independent mediator. Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation